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CRM for Operations

Your team can manage projects from go to whoa with full visibility of tasks, inventory and manufacturing. Deliver on time, win trust and lock in repeat business.

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Loved by customers in Australia and New Zealand
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Loved by customers in Australia and New Zealand
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CRM for Operations

Integrate tools with MYOB CRM

Integrate with systems you already use, or could be using, to optimise your operations workflow. MYOB CRM works with your telephone system, Outlook, freight quoting and plenty of other apps to streamline your company operations.

Operations Made Easier

MYOB CRM allows your business to have full visibility over your operations meaning less time wasted between orders being placed and fulfilled. Happy customers means repeat customers.


Straightforward CRM system

Manage and track operations with a simple, easy to use system.


Manage pick, pack and ship

Customisation and automated workflows to sell your goods then pick, pack and ship.


Cross-team collaboration tool

No more miscommunications, and disjointed discussions across multiple platforms. All information about the job is together in one place.


Full job status at a glance

Track progress, timelines and budgets at a glance.


Automate workflows and save time

Automated workflows free teams from repetitive tasks and tighten up processes. Less chance for important actions falling through the cracks.


Australian support when you need help

MYOB CRM is based in Sydney, Australia. Our support teams will provide assistance in a timely and professional manner, with a local understanding of your business needs.

Automation and Workflows

Create business specific workflows and automate tasks, activities and even save on data entry. Perfect for following up, notifying or updating customers or team members. Saving the business countless hours of manual labour and things don't get forgotten.

Reporting & Dashboards

Automate lead to customer activity reports, view in tailored dashboards

Accounts & Billing

Auto follow up and charging credit cards and converting quotes to invoicing. Post to MYOB accounting automatically.


Automatic update of stock values, availability, and calculations of landed costs and more

Sales Force Automations

Pushing leads through your sales funnel with smart lead scoring, lead allocation and follow up; making it easier to sell at scale and grow your business.

Marketing Automations

Engage Leads by automatically adding them to drip marketing list to convert leads into sales

Customer Service

Auto logging of calls and enquires, updating customer records

Simple Manufacturing (MRP)

Simple manufacturing software for small business

Manufacture to Order

Create work orders for individual sales.

Production Scheduling

Schedule work orders to replenish stock.

Bill of Materials (BOMs)

Assemblies/BOM with work instructions.

Whole of Business CRM System

Aussie CRM for small businesses in Australia and New Zealand. MYOB CRM is an end-to-end business solution that integrates with accounting software. Managed and supported by our Aussie team.


Track & Nurture Leads

Bring order to your lead management process and convert more to customers with less fuss.

  • One place to view and manage all leads
  • Focus on the best leads
  • Automatic/automated opportunity follow up
  • Customisable sales process/funnel
  • Drag and drop board view for easy leads management
Manage Your Pipeline

Always Be Closing

Simplify your quoting process with online quotes your customers will love.

  • Integrated inventory with MYOB accounting
  • Send quotes by SMS/email with online acceptance
  • Works with WooCommerce
  • Free customer/dealer portal
  • Branded online quote templates
Quoting and Selling

Inventory & Order Management

Real-time order and inventory management and stock control capabilities all linked with accounts software.

  • Manage stock and track orders with ease
  • Run the whole business from sales to fulfilment
  • Track and trace products with batch tracking and serial number tracking
  • Visibility to stay compliant and organised
  • Perfect for selling products and custom / work-to-order manufacturers
Inventory Management

Sync with accounting software

Keep your accounts up-to-date with automated processes.

  • Real time sales from CRM
  • Shopping cart sales and payments
  • Auto follow up of overdue invoices
  • Recurring billing & subscriptions
  • Overall, less manual work and room for error

Track sales, job status and costs

Plan your manufacturing activities for maximum efficiency. Track the actual cost of production with Bill of Materials (BOM).

  • Stock management that links with MYOB and Xero
  • Track manufacturing progress
  • Link manufacturing jobs to sales
  • Manage manufacturing schedules to prioritise the completion of important tasks
  • Assemblies/BOM with work instructions
Pick, Pack & Ship

Fulfill Orders Faster

Simple, time saving pick-pack-ship process.

  • Queue orders for pick and pack, centralised in one process
  • Track which team members pick / pack
  • Produce picking / packing slips
  • Automation of invoices, tracking, part-ship/backorders
Fulfilment & Distribution
Customer Service

Deliver On Your Promises

Improve customer service and customer satisfaction

  • Keep promises by tracking your to-do-list in CRM
  • Use a ticket system to manage projects and tasks
  • Stay connected with customers even after the sale is complete
  • Easy note keeping with phone and voice notes
Customer Service
Online Retail

Easily Sell Online

Easily sell products and services via websites on Wordpress and shopping carts like WooCommerce.

  • Sync stock to WooCommerce
  • Quote, and take payments online
  • Download orders to CRM for super fast order turnaround
  • Insta-buy forms and links to sell via SMS, Facebook, embed in emails/websites
  • Auto sync sales data to MYOB/Xero
Online Retail
Free Customer Portal

Free Client Portal Software

Allow your clients to access pricing, product and transaction data online.

  • See product and pricing information
  • Show customer special pricing
  • Download and pay invoices online
  • Place orders online
  • Set up in minutes with your own branding
Free Customer Portal

Targeted Communication Made Easy

One system to bring together, view and segment leads for tailored communications.

  • Use sales history to drive marketing campaigns
  • Integrates with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Burst SMS
  • Bring in your leads from webforms, Facebook and other sources
  • Automate communications with workflows
  • Use CRM intel to deliver the right message at the right time
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