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BluSky Products Group

Wayne is the owner and Managing Director of BluSky Products. He found the inventory and operating system he'd been looking for.

BluSky Products were able to ditch a series of Excel spreadsheets, and implement an organised approach to communicating inventory availability, in real-time, across the teams within the business.

BluSky Products – CRM Case study

Who are BluSky

“BluSky Products distributes Australia wide high-quality marine and external products for flooring, lining and upholstery applications. Our range includes tufted and nonwoven carpet, synthetic teak and waterproof timber planking, upholstery vinyl and fabrics and PVC matting for the marine, motor home, caravan, automotive, transport, furniture, exhibition and display industries.” BluSky Products Pty Ltd

Why did they need a CRM?

Lacking Customer Buying History

Incomplete and inaccessible data on their customers due to legacy data hidden within closed accounting files going back 10 years.

Manual and Slow Processes

BluSky had several areas of the business that had manual and slow processes right cross the business. They relied heavily on excel spreadsheet to operate including physically check stock and/or calling freight providers for pricing and consigning.

In particular, the quoting process was slowed by the inability to quickly quote on the delivery cost of an order or if they had the stock on hand.

Heavy Reliance on Excel Spreadsheet

BluSky like a lot of business used a shared excel spreadsheet which in this case had historical prices of jobs they had done in the past. So, the issue here is that the prices aren’t up to date and often the “from and to” weren’t journeys they had quoted on before. This would mean they had to ask the warehouse team to get a quote from freight providers and only then could they give a final price to the customer. By quick time they may have found someone who could provide a price.

The 2nd major area was managing of stock which is complicated in the BluSky business because they deal in rolls of carpet, and you can’t fulfil an order with fabric from different batches. So, there was a spreadsheet that had to be maintained separate from the accounting software (because it was supporting their requirements).

What CRM did for BluSky

Access to customer buying history

One of the 1st things we did for BluSky was to give them back 10 years of customer buying history from the old accounting files into CRM. In order to do this previously they had to run reports from several accounting data files and export to get that information.

Once BluSky came onboard with MYOB CRM, their old accounting files were not only recorded in the system as legacy data, but they also had the chance to merge old and new customers under certain criteria in order to keep enhanced traceability of what each of them had ordered in the past and when.

Managed serialised stock & batch tracking

We brought all the stock on hand into the CRM with their individual serial numbers for batch tracking removing a need for a spreadsheet. This enabled them to quote quicker or if they had to put something on back order etc.

Faster freight quoting and order consigning

For freight management we enabled them to use the in-built freight quoting and consigning system which again stopped them maintaining an excel spreadsheet and had real time quoting capabilities which further sped up the quoting and fulfilment process.

Business expansion without the need for more people

Shortly after the process improvements enabled by the implementation of the CRM, BluSky bought another business now had the spare capacity to merge without the need for more personnel. So, more products, and sales with the same number of resources.

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