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Customer and Contact Management

Share and manage contact information so your team always have real-time customer data at their fingertips.

MYOB CRM has the tools to optimise your customer service level.

Managing Communication with Customers and Leads

Give your business an advantage by having one source of truth for all your customer data, with access to a real-time history of your customers' interactions with your business. Categorise and centralise all emails, phone calls, tasks and communication and activity history against contact records.

Organise your data and use it to work smarter

Ditch Excel Spreadsheets!

Excel was never intended to be used as a complex database. Beyond managing a small list of names and contacts, it's not flexible, robust or dynamic enough to be used if your business is wanting to operation efficiently. MYOB CRM takes your customer's information and links it to all operational and sales activities across your business.

Segment information with quick searches across customers and leads within CRM.

Intelligent Search Function

MYOB CRM allows easy access to data based on customised list requirements including behaviours, sales stage, demographic, geographic and total spend. Locate information quickly through customised searches and pre-determined filters and views. Search using specific criteria to quickly bulk update or export. View data in various formats including customisable lists, Kanban and map view.

Seamless Customer Interactions

Centralise your database and maintain a real-time history of your customers’ interactions with your business. Whether by phone, email, online or financial information – bring it all together to avoid miscommunications between your team members.

One source of truth for all customer data.

Maintaining different databases for client information becomes unsustainable in keeping important data synchronised and well-managed. MYOB CRM brings all data together in a simple, yet powerful system.

Customer Database
Create and manage tasks and communications.

Assign and track tasks and meetings, by type and record outcomes so you have a full view of your customer story. View calendars for other users and various resources you have set up in your system.

Activities Management
Log all phone calls and outcomes.

Integrate your phone with CRM, and have inbound and outbound calls automatically logged as call activities. This gives a full view of customer and lead history giving great customer service, but sales teams visibility to flag calls for follow up.

Phone Integration
  • Send and sync emails against contact records. Sync from Outlook or send from CRM.
  • Manage tasks against customers.
  • Store all contact and company information as well as all the important activities with your customers.
  • Existing customer information is likely to be spread across your company in different areas. MYOB CRM can access this data in multiple ways including data stored in MYOB or Xero, contacts, meetings and email stored in Outlook, from Excel spreadsheets or other files.
  • Find the right customer records quickly with an intelligent search function within CRM. Filter and find functionality allow for fast retrieval of data.

Contact & Customer Management

Share and manage contact information so your team always have real-time customer data at their fingertips.

Activity Management

Create, assign and manage tasks, meetings, calls and emails

Centralised Customer Database

One source of truth for all customer data.

Task Management

Schedule tasks and events against your leads, customers, work orders & projects

Intelligent Search Function

Powerful search feature lets you find the right record.

Call History

Log all phone calls, discussions and results.

Meeting Management

Track meetings, meeting types and outcomes.

Outlook Add-In

Sync emails and info specific to customers from Outlook into CRM

Marketing Management

Communicate with customers via platforms including Campaign Monitor, Zoom and social ads.

SMS Comms

SMS / Texting has a 98% open rate so use correctly this is a great way to communicate with leads and customers

Segment & Rank Leads

Increase conversions by targeting leads based on behaviours

Reporting & Dashboards

Automate lead to customer activity reports, view in tailored dashboards

Sales Force Automations

Pushing leads through your sales funnel with smart lead scoring, lead allocation and follow up; making it easier to sell at scale and grow your business.

Marketing Automations

Engage Leads by automatically adding them to drip marketing list to convert leads into sales

Campaign Monitor Integration

Develop, deliver and track targeted email campaigns with the results updated automatically in CRM.

Mailchimp Integration

Send and track campaigns against customers in CRM.

Lead Hunter

Interactive map view lets you find leads and add them to your CRM

Campaign Management

Create a campaign in CRM so a budget, description, and the resulting activity and leads can be tracked by campaign.

Drip Feed Marketing

Automatically send marketing messages to people in your CRM based on lists you’ve dynamically added them to.

Lists & Audiences

Create, maintain or segment lists for emailing, calling or uploading to Facebook or Google.


Website forms automatically drop leads into CRM as an opportunity

Link with MYOB Accounting Software

Streamline and save on double entry with accounting integrations.

Recurring Invoicing & Subscriptions

We made running regular billing for products or services easy. Supports credit card payments and bank transfers

Better Control Credit limits

Each customer can have their own credit limits which means you can minimise incoming revenue risks on slow or poor payers.

Get Paid Quicker

With automatically issuing of invoices and the invoice reminder system, receiving payments swiftly from customers has never been easier.

Save on Data Entry

Regardless of where the data lives or created it is shared saving rekeying into multiple systems.

Financials at your Fingertips

Financial data is made available in MYOB CRM, Outlook addon and portal so no need to constantly log into accounting software.

Online Payment

Works with Stripe and eWay to easily take payments online


Connect to MYOB and share company, contact, product, invoice and sales data.

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