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Marketing Management

From an unknown website visitor, right through to being a customer; we capture every interaction. Every touch point can be captured, shared, and act on. Make CRM the centre of any marketing strategy.

Centralise Your Marketing Efforts

MYOB CRM makes it easier to run marketing for your business. Until a lead becomes a customer (and even after) marketing is always on.


Supporting omnichannel marketing and initiating marketing campaigns from within MYOB CRM.


Utilise CRM tools to set up drip feed emails, SMS campaigns or creating audiences for future campaigns or export for PPC/social re-targeting


Set up reports, dashboards or set targets and KPIs to keep the team on track.

Marketing Management

Communicate with customers via platforms including Campaign Monitor, Zoom and social ads.

SMS Comms

SMS / Texting has a 98% open rate so use correctly this is a great way to communicate with leads and customers

Segment & Rank Leads

Increase conversions by targeting leads based on behaviours

Reporting & Dashboards

Automate lead to customer activity reports, view in tailored dashboards

Sales Force Automations

Pushing leads through your sales funnel with smart lead scoring, lead allocation and follow up; making it easier to sell at scale and grow your business.

Marketing Automations

Engage Leads by automatically adding them to drip marketing list to convert leads into sales

Campaign Monitor Integration

Develop, deliver and track targeted email campaigns with the results updated automatically in CRM.

Mailchimp Integration

Send and track campaigns against customers in CRM.

Lead Hunter

Interactive map view lets you find leads and add them to your CRM

Campaign Management

Create a campaign in CRM so a budget, description, and the resulting activity and leads can be tracked by campaign.

Drip Feed Marketing

Automatically send marketing messages to people in your CRM based on lists you’ve dynamically added them to.

Lists & Audiences

Create, maintain or segment lists for emailing, calling or uploading to Facebook or Google.


Website forms automatically drop leads into CRM as an opportunity

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