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Landed Cost Calculations

Overseas purchases involve additional costs like freight and taxes; these are called your landed costs. Calculating your landed costs is important but often this done manually or not at all. MYOB CRM helps you do this automatically.

What are Landed Costs?

When you are selling a product, one of the considerations is the cost of getting the product or ingredients or parts into the country. This is called landed costs and you need to be able to calculate it either as an estimate or an actual so that you know the true cost of the product. Only then can a business know how much profit it will make.

Why MYOB CRM Makes Landed Cost Calculations Easy

Landed cost is the total cost of a product incurred from the time it is manufactured to the time it reaches the final destination, including shipping, customs duties, taxes, and other fees. Knowing the true cost of a product means you know what to sell it for and you can better maintain your profit margins.

  • No more using Excel spreadsheets
  • Gain the ability to use estimated landed costs
  • Update actual Landed Costs and have applied automatically
  • Shares the landed costs correctly with your Xero and MYOB accounting software
  • Automatically have product pricing updated for selling

How to Calculate Landed Costs and Why it’s Important

MYOB CRM enables you to calculate the landed cost using three methods by:

  • Dollar value
  • Weight
  • Volume

MYOB CRM enables an estimate and then ability to update the real costs later. By having landed costs calculated businesses gain a better insight into true costs of a product. MYOB CRM simplifies this process while keeping MYOB or Xero up to date.

Inventory Management

Track, purchase, produce and manage orders and stock with ease. MYOB CRM runs the whole business from sales to fulfillment.

Barcode Scanning

Improve accuracy of outbound shipment information and automatically update stock levels


Manage Backorders so you can still make the sale, invoice or do it later when the item comes in or is made. Be able to fulfill multiple sales orders with a click of a button.

Serialised Stock

Unique serial number makes sense for tracking where things are and who you sold them to.

Multiple Warehouse Locations

Sell from multiple warehouses and keep on top of your stock levels across locations.

Sync Stock with WooCommerce & Portal

Keep your website stock levels updated automatically.

Manufacturing Work Orders

Manage your manufacturing work orders – Make to Order, Make for Stock

Purchase Order Management

Replenish stock, or order per-customer

Request For Quote (RFQ)

You can request quotes from suppliers (or potential suppliers) using the Request For Quote  (RFQ) module in CRM. You can then quickly create a Purchase Order from an RFQ.

Supplier Management

Manage multiple suppliers, per-supplier pricing and more.

Multi Currency

Sell and buy in many different currencies and convert to base currency

Batch Tracking

Visibility and traceability for your products for orders or recalls.

Landed Cost Calculations

Purchase in multi currencies and calculate landed costs automatically.

Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Centralise and track your sales leads in one spot.

Powerful CRM Integrations

Plug in the apps you use to run your business.

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