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The Best CRM for Bank Feeds – MYOB CRM

  • Improve business efficiency  – allocate payment data in CRM against invoices
  • Decrease time between customers placing an order and receiving goods
  • Feeds supported in CRM with major banks
Bring CRM and MYOB together

How Does Integrating Bank Feeds with MYOB CRM Help Your Business?

  • Often, until a business knows that payment against an invoice (order) has occurred, the purchased goods cannot be delivered. The crucial time between placing an order and receiving goods is a key influence on a customer’s perception of your business. The faster you can deliver, the more likely the customer will be to repurchase or recommend.
  • With MYOB CRM’s easy bank feed integration, our CRM is able to download bank payment data and update it on a daily basis so it can be allocated against invoices in CRM – improving business efficiency.
  • Australian Banks MYOB CRM supports with bank feeds.
    • Westpac
    • ANZ
    • NAB
    • CBA

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