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The Best CRM for Eway – MYOB CRM

  • Let customers pay for quotes online
  • Take card payments inside CRM
  • BYO merchant facility for great rates
  • No-cost integration with MYOB CRM

About Eway

Eway is an Australian payment gateway provider that connects with all of the banks in Australia to make it easier and faster to accept payments online with less red-tape and at lower cost.

Eway is a leading online payment solutions provider. Eway helps online merchants to accept credit card and alternative payments over the internet and allows call centre teams to take customers payment details over the phone. Data is captured in a secure, compliant way, and in line with the Payment Card Information Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

How Does Integrating Eway with MYOB CRM Help Your Business?

  • Eway is a payment system that works with all Australian banks
  • A fast, no fuss merchant experience that is PCI compliant
  • Instantly charges the credit card, get a payment receipt, and record in CRM
  • A fast, automatic process – no passing EFTPOS terminals around the office
  • Eway payments are processed instantly in the background so your customers never have to leave your site
  • Can be shared with your WooCommerce (subject to using MYOB CRM plugin), use on web quotes and Insta-buy webforms
  • Send Eway data to your MYOB accounting software

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