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The Best CRM for Machship – MYOB CRM

  • Show all your contracted freight rates to speed up quoting
  • Quote Freight in Real Time to win more business
  • Reduce the Number of System you need to Login

What is MachShip?

MachShip is the simplest, most complete cloud-based freight management system on the market for distribution, wholesale & e-commerce businesses.

Machship is not a freight broker, instead bring your own rates and existing carrier partnerships. Connecting with your multiple carriers and receivers saves time and achieves control and visibility over your freight as it makes its journey from you to your customers.

How Does Integrating MachShips with MYOB CRM Help Your Business?

  • MYOB CRM links with 135 freight companies via Machship using your contract freight rates
  • Optimise customer service and speed of quoting – with all your customer information in the one view – incorporating product costs with best value carrier selection
  • Dispatch process managed including price and consignment in real-time
  • Oversee your entire freight management operations
  • Everything in one place to efficiently manage your freight operations

Powerful CRM Integrations

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