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The Best CRM for Outlook – MYOB CRM

  • Bring your Outlook contacts, calendar and communications together in CRM
  • Create CRM opportunities or customer support requests directly from your inbox
  • Full history of customer email interactions

Outlook Integration

  • MYOB CRM’s Outlook plug in adds a small sidebar to each email as well as adding the ability to control syncing of data such as emails, contacts and meetings to CRM.
  • Click to create an opportunity in CRM for subsequent follow up.  The same applies to support requests, which can easily generate tickets in CRM in much the same way.
  • This productivity tool helps you to keep your CRM updated with the latest information, but also shows your team live data from within CRM.
  • Each time you receive an email you can see if the customer owes you money (and if it’s overdue) as well as recent items that they’ve been quoted or sold, open tickets and opportunities – all of which can be clicked to open the customer record in CRM.


How Does Integrating Outlook with MYOB CRM Help Your Business?

  • See customer data from CRM alongside Outlook emails.
  • Sync and share your Outlook calendar with CRM.
  • Easily import email from Outlook to your CRM.
  • Create opportunities or tickets requests directly from your inbox.
  • Sync contacts between CRM and Outlook
  • Have a full history of everyone’s email interactions with clients.
  • CRM activity summary integrated in your inbox.

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