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CRM Phone System Integration

  • Calls trigger on screen pop-up when the phone rings identifying customer status
  • Call-centre features and streamlined telephones
  • Click to dial
  • Time stamp call and report on call activity

What is a CRM Phone Integration?

Telephone (VoIP) and CRM integration is the connectivity between a VoIP phone system and MYOB CRM. All the information is automatically synced between the two platforms, allowing businesses to seamlessly record every detail and interaction with customers.

How Does Integrating phones with MYOB CRM Help Your Business?

  • MYOB CRM integrates with a select group of cloud PBX providers who deliver VoIP telephone systems in Australia with Australian support.
  • MYOB CRM has powerful call-centre features. It provides CRM users with streamlined telephone services from within CRM, previews information before the call is answered and streamlines data entry.
  • By syncing all the important information between the phone system and CRM software, your teams are relieved of more than half of their workload – after ending a call with a customer, you do not need to feed the details into the CRM manually.
  • Automatically save the call and customer details into the CRM software
  • Heightens customer experience as handling queries is phenomenally easier when your team have customer data right in front of them
  • Out-of-the-box solution – no special configuration
  • Captures inbound/outbound calls
  • Calls trigger pop-ups when the phone rings identifying customers, spending, quotes, jobs
  • Ability to add notes against calls during or after
  • Timestamp call and report on call activity
  • ‘Missed calls – not returned’ report to avoid missing customer calls
  • Automatic SMS of missed mobile calls

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