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Get Set For Success with MYOB CRM!

Getting set up with MYOB CRM has never been easier. We have taken feedback from our customers – long timers and new, and have designed an onboarding process that we know will help businesses have a jumping kickstart using MYOB CRM.

To ensure all new customers are set for success, the onboarding process is a mandatory component of signing up with MYOB CRM. The cost for onboarding your business is A$600 +GST which gives ample support, to set up CRM specific to your needs, within a framework of set up phases.

MYOB CRM’s Helpdesk will provide one on one guidance during two sessions, via Zoom, totalling 2 hours. In each session, we’ll give you clear instructions and guidance on how to set up each area of CRM, then schedule a follow up to continue through the onboarding process. We will point you in the right direction, and assist as necessary, so that you can successfully get set up and started with a great level of certainty and confidence.

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